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Comments from our listeners

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Great sounds and very relaxing music.  Thank You for a Great Night of Awesome Music and Great Chats!!!!!

Patricia Wilson - Listener

A big thank you to Radio GSRN for all their support & for sharing my music with their listening audience. Definitely add their stations to your favorite streaming radio app.

God Bless,

Styric - Bassist

Thank You GSRN!! You Rock!!! Had a Blast and Truly Enjoyed The Great Music and Artist Spotlight. Much Love and Blessings All!!

Gia Hyatt - Listener

GSRN-radio.Net featured artist! Thanks to my friends Dwight Jenkins, DJ H Diann Jenkins, and Rubye Armorer! You guys rock!!! Thank you for the support. 

H Allan - Guitarist 

I always look forward to an enjoyable and fun filled night listening to DJ Minxxx as she rocks the house playing awesome music selections to soothe your soul.

Jeanette Greenfield - Listener

I really appreciate everyone at GSRN Radio for your support!! Thank you so much for sharing my music with your listeners!

Reggie Buie - Keyboardist

Much Love with Huge Hugs to GSRN Jazz Radio for honoring me in the Artist Spotlight. I will forever treasure the wonderful moment. Many thanks to my Alton family, friends, and all the talented Independent Artists for participating in the hottest Chat Room in the Universe. It was crazy fun and got big busy....Your continued support is deeply appreciated and I will never forget it from the bottom of heart. Thank you again for allowing me this precious Spotlight moment GSRN family

Trena Steward / Singer / Songwriter

I love Brian Culbertson! I am truly impressed...can't wait until you have "Quiet Storm" segment!

Bonita Hardy Hicks / Listener

Absolutely wonderful station. Great music.

Stephanie Sante - Multi-instrumentalist / Composer

We started listening to GSRN about 3 months ago and we love it! Love the jazz music. We listen to DJMinxx on Tuesday nights and love the variety of music she plays. We are hooked now! GSRN great radio platform! Rodney and Cheryl / Listeners

Thank you Dwight for including me in the show. Looking forward to meeting everyone and listening to some great smooth jazz artists. Appreciate you.

Johnathan Smith -  Keyboardist

What a show last night GSRN Radio . . . Hats off to Dwight Jenkins, DJ H Diann Jenkins and everyone involved . I tuned in because so many of my favorites were featured artists,  and ended up discovering some new favorites too ! Love Yall, Michael.  Ps Thanks for spinning me too!  GSRN is incredible. No words for how much I love them for being so good to us !

Michael Garvin / Guitarist / Composer

Exactly what all the others have already said, Dwight - I fully agree with that, plus feel grateful for all you do, to support us as Indie Jazz artists! Thank you!

Naomi Adriaansz - Saxophonist / Composer

Thanks so much for including my music, much appreciated!

Loyd Watson Jr. - Saxophonist

Thank you for sharing my music I truly appreciate everyone at GSRN Radio. 

Jeffrey McKinney - Vocaslist

Awesome music great sound over the airwaves

Sam Bassman Jenkins - Bassist  / Composer

I can’t thank you enough for all you guys do.  It truly is a place where my music lives.

Debora Galan / Vocalist / Songwriter

Love GSRN! You and Dwight do a fantastic job!

Dayle Murphy - Social Media Director + Radio Promotion At

I am an avid listener of GSRN Jazz Radio and especially enjoy THE TREASURE TROVE with DJ MINXXX. Her choice of musical selections is superb and her voice is so soothing and very relaxing to us all after a chaotic day at work. I appreciate and applaud her and GSRN for the artists and music provided to the public to hear. Thank you to DJ MINXXX and her bubbly personality! A true, real talented addition to the GSRN Family!

Helen Register / Listener

I have truly been enjoying GSRN with DJ MINXXX in the Treasure Trove. Great, smooth sounds!!! Check it out every Tuesday from 9pm to 12pm. Very relaxing!!! Great job DJ Minxxx

Joyce Williams / Listener

 Being in the chatroom in the Artist Spotlight was encouraging, enlightening and simply fun. I can see why so many artists come to chill.  I'll be around. The positive vibe is addictive.

Walter Runge / Keyboardist / Composer / Producer

What can I say GSRN. Your support is amazing and it is a privilege to be included in your fantastic shows.

Rod Best - Keyboardist / Composer

I am honored to be in your top 10 with so many amazing artists. Thank you for your continuous support.  I truly appreciate everything you have done and I don't take it for granted.

Daryl G Beebe - Saxophonist / Composer


I am so honored to have such amazing support from you and the people on your great radio show!!!!

Jacqine - Vocalist / Keyboardist / Composer

Your voice matches this smooth music DJ Minxxx. This is my new Tuesday nights right here on GSRN.

From Leon Knight,III / Listener

Can’t thank you enough! Your support to all of us is invaluable! I was just saying today that your passion as radio developers inspires us artists!

Dennis Murphy - Bassist / Guitarist

Wonderful intro DJ Minxxx. You just give out some really beautiful shout-outs

Fred Brooks / Listener

What a wonderful show! (The Secret Garden)

Renee Knott-Freeman - Vocalist

It’s truly an honor to be apart of this list! After the service I wanted to be a blessing and to help others I had no idea I’d be playing and instrument 🎷.  So I’m humbly grateful for you to share and speak positivity about my playing! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Dwight and the entire GSRN Team and friends and fans!

Andre Cavor - Saxophonist / Composer

Thank you for the love and support that you continue to show to my music! I am always deeply appreciative and I'll be listening.

Dorie Pride - Vocalist / Composer

Thank you to the DJs at Global Sensations Radio Network for playing my music… greatly Appreciated.  

Trevor P - Multi-Instrumentalist

Not only does GSRN Radio gives independent music a path highly admirable, they are true to the art. Thanks again, so much, for adding me to your show.

Dwight Swirls - Bassist

Truly honored! Thank you for sharing my music with your listeners!

Whittington Still - Vocalist / Composer

Thank you Dwight Jenkins Global Sensations Radio Network for your incredible support . I’m always honored to be heard beside all these amazing artists!

Tony White - Saxophonist / Composer

Much acknowledgment to GSRN-Jazz Radio for allowing me to share my music and expressions as a guest on the Artist Spotlight. An immense thank you Dwight Jenkins and H Diann Jenkins and to the DJs of GSRN for spinning my tunes. And to all of the artists of the GSRN Family, Blessings 

Zammy Oswald - Keyboardist / Musician

Dwight ...can't thank you enough for making me a consistently played artist. Truly appreciate it!!

Scott Marvill - Guitarist / Composer


My wife and I are Truly Grateful to DJ H Diann, DJ Allan J and all the DJ's at "GSRN", Thank you so much for including our music in the show along with all the Fantastic Talented Artists you display, your support of our music is Greatly Appreciated and it's really fun participating in the Chatroom communicating with the GSRN family. Continued Blessings Be Upon You All.

Richard Boyce - Bassist / Vocalist of BAGS

Hey Dwight, Thank you so much for your continued support. It’s just awesome to be in your show over and over again! You’re the best!

Hans-Peter de Zeeuw - Drummer / Composer

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