Comments from our listeners

It was such a privilege and so much fun to be a part of GSRN Radio “Ladies Night” in the Secret Garden with DJ H Diann Jenkins. Thank you for the AirPlay for Sam Bassman Jenkins song “Fantasy” off Project 37 album and for introducing David Martinez’ “Toco Pa Ti” off his “By Hands” album.

Family, friends and fans you’ll be hearing more great songs from GSRN DJ’s so I reach out to you to join in and support the DJ’s and station that support my artists!

On behalf of Frias Entertainment International I thank you all

Susan Frias, Preseident of Frias Entertainment International

Absolutely wonderful station. Great music.

Stephanie Sante - Multi-instrumentalist / Composer

Great sounds and very relaxing music.  Thank You for a Great Night of Awesome Music and Great Chats!!!!!

Patricia Wilson - Listener

Much appreciation, Dwight Jenkins... DJ Allan J..... for having BlendJazz in the SPOTLIGHT SHOW and for spinning tracks, "Look At Me" feat Tracey Andrews Jolly (CD, Blaze The Trail) and "Journey" (CD, THROUGH THE MIND)!!!

Henry Mixon - Bassist / Composer of BlendJazz

Thank you so much GSRN for all your support and featuring my music on your stations !!! Much Love and appreciation to and for you !!!

Craig "Thumper" Samuels - Keyboardist / Composer of Thumper & Generation One

We're thrilled that 510JAZZ is one of the many featured artists that you'll hear on this evening's show.

Thank you Larry E Talbot for your amazing support of independent artists

John Vargas - Vocalist / Composer / Producer of 510Jazz

Thank you Larry T for the love and support that you continue to show to my music! I am always deeply appreciative and I'll be listening.

Dorie Pride - Vocalist / Composer

What can I say GSRN. Your support is amazing and it is a privilege to be included in your fantastic shows.

Rod Best - Keyboardist / Composer

I am so honored to have such amazing support from you and the people on your great radio show!!!!

Jacqine - Vocalist / Keyboardist / Composer

It was an absolute honor and a pleasure to be featured. Thank you so much for offering the platform to be heard. As always, the chatroom was very fun and engaging. Again, thank you for being so awesome. My GSRN family rocks. Much love to all in attendance both in and out of the chatroom.

Nicole Walden (The Onna B) - Vocalist / Poet

Dwight thanks again to you, the entire Global Sensations Radio Network family and your listeners. Great music, great vibes, great people!

Mike Murray Keyboardist / Composer

Awesome music great sound over the airwaves

Sam Bassman Jenkins - Bassist  / Composer

Thank You GSRN!! You Rock!!! Had a Blast and Truly Enjoyed The Great Music and Artist Spotlight with Mike and Nicole!!! Much Love and Blessings All!!

Gia Hyatt - Listener

What a wonderful show! (The Secret Garden)

Renee Knott-Freeman - Vocalist

Thank You for your support of my music Stevie

Roseann Sureda - Vocalist / Composer

It’s truly an honor to be apart of this list! After the service I wanted to be a blessing and to help others I had not idea I’d be playing and instrument 🎷 So I’m humbly grateful for you to share and speak positivity about my playing! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Dwight and the entire GSRN Team and friends and fans!

Andre Cavor - Saxophonist / Composer

Hey Dwight, Thank you so much for your continued support. It’s just awesome to be in your show over and over again! You’re the best!

Hans-Peter de Zeeuw - Drummer / Composer


Exactly what all the others have already said, Dwight :) I fully agree with that, plus feel grateful for all you do, to support us as Indie Jazz artists! Thank you!

Naomi Adriaansz - Saxophonist / Composer




Dwight ...can't thank you enough for making me a consistently played artist. Truly appreciate it!!

Scott Marvill - Guitarist / Composer




I am honored to be in your top 10 with so many amazing artists. Thank you for your continuous support.  I truly appreciate everything you have done and I don't take it for granted.

Daryl G Beebe - Saxophonist / Composer